Why i love Lagos?

A really odd question to ask you may say, but after you read this article i hope you will fall in love with the city as much as i have.

Lagos state, popularly known as “Lasgidi” or “Eko” to others, is arguably the most economically important state of the country, its made up of 20 local governments and over nine million people, the ex-capital is one of the country’s busiest, similar to the hustle and bustle of some of the worlds busiest cities such as: Paris,Moscow,New York etc. The city has its own strong pull bringing together people of different classes, believes, races, culture, an personalties into a perfect mix; a chaotic mix some would say. I cannot help but be amazed by the dynamic contrast of people one would see everyday, from thieves to their persecutors, doctors to the sick and diseased, aged folks to their offspring, pregnant women to barren women, native doctors to evangelists. From the most undeveloped ghettos to the most sophisticated high rising skyscraper urban centers, lagos state as i have come to know is not for the weak, or anyone who is looking to run from a fast paced lifestyle, cause he or she would be trampled upon and sent to the back of the line. cab

The Eko city does not sleep, you can get almost anything if not everything you want at times where at other cities may be considered as “ungodly” the lasgidi city knows no ungodly hour as every hour is a business hour, with her signature yellow cabs and busses (molue) running through her streets, bridges, flyovers, toll-gates and express ways the city never dies, and as much as some may think they constitute a nuisance and should be done away with, but in their own special way give the city her identity, their characteristic constant bargaining, brash insults ensuing from struggle for lanes, fiasco to get passengers and all that, contribute to make Lagos what it is.Foggy-Weather

You can alway enjoy the lagos weather whatever it may choose to be, be it wet, damp, foggy, sunny, or cloudy. It never ceases to take you unawares. As a pedestrian on the lagos streets one must be careful not to get splashed with the water from the puddles created by rain as most drivers do not care. the weather tough as it may be has no effects stopping the lagos lifestyle, the best it can do is slow it to an extent but the job for the day still gets done.

Lagos state has it unique way of stirring alive the busy bee mentality in you, this and more are my reasons why i love lagos.


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